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               Tour SNSR Contour Pro

               The most-preferred sculpted pistol shape on the worldwide Tours is now available in our proprietary SNSR rubber blend, with two
               oversized shapes for maximum feel and feedback.

                     Contour Pro
                082176  - Contour 104 cc
                082177  - Contour 140 cc
               Tour SNSR Contour

               TOUR SNSR Contour is an evolution of the classic tapered pistol pro le that is the shape preference of over 75% of Tour players.
               The pistol allows golfers to “lock in” their upper hand for consistent hand placement that translates to more con dence in every stroke.

                 Tour SNSR Contour
                082155  - Contour 104
                082156  - Contour 140

               Tour SNSR Straight

               TOUR SNSR Straight putter grip o ers a contemporary, non-taper shape  promoting a consistent hand pressure and feel. The straight taper design
               features soft, rounded edges that are strategically beveled for palm and  nger pad comfort.

                  Tour SNSR Straight
                082157  - Straight 104
                082158  - Straight 140

               Players Wrap

               The Players Wrap® putter grip combines style and touch with its smart look and innovative design. The arched-pistol shape
               pairs a smooth paddle front and a half wrap back in a simulated leather wrap, providing added comfort and touch on the greens.

                     Players Wrap
                082154  - Black

               Tour Tradition
               The Tour Tradition® putter grip features a smaller, paddle front design preferred by Tour professionals. Its standard size and all-rubber construction
               provides increased feel and responsiveness for truer putts

                    Tour Tradition

                085138  - Black

               Tour Classic Midsize
               The Tour Classic® midsize design features a large diameter,  lling the hands comfortably while the  at paddle front promotes a controlled,
               con dent stroke.

                 Tour Classic Midsize
                085141  - Black

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